Naden Harbour

Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing packages for salmon and halibut provide guests with 10 1/2 fully-guided hours per day, except departure day in our fleet of well maintained 17' Boston Whalers. As an added feature, guests can upgrade to one of our larger boats with on board washroom facilities. Choose from either our 23' Edgewater or 24' Bayliner Trophy tenders. All guests are provided with a full compliment of fishing equipment and specialized outerwear for your comfort and protection on the water. Trolling a cut-plug herring is the standard method for enticing the salmon species while halibut are typically taken by jigging bait off the bottom.

Guests may choose to travel to the  fishing grounds in our custom built 30' guest vessel, with room  for  12. The "Peregrine One" stands by throughout the day for added comfort and safety of our guests; monitoring weather and providing a  washroom facility.

Your experienced guide will pilot your fully equipped boat, assist you with tackle, gear and bait, clean and prepare your catch and make your fishing experience both enjoyable and productive. All you have to do is enjoy some of the best ocean sport fishing in the world. From May to September these waters team with fighting chrome salmon and large, powerful halibut. Our fishing grounds are ideally located in the path of mature salmon as they travel to spawning rivers along the Pacific Coast. Baitfish are plentiful in these waters and salmon gorge themselves for their long migration. Chinook salmon over 30 lbs. are numerous while salmon over 50 lbs. are regularly caught by our guests. The lodge record for a Chinook salmon is 76 lbs. The northern waters are also famous for Halibut so be prepared to hook up with a big one. The lodge record is a whopping 270 lbs.