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Goodbye from Naden Harbour!

Posted August 25, 2014 by Georgia Husby

It is that time of year; the local rivers swell with spawning salmon, the weather begins to turn, and autumn is in the air. Black bears no longer patrol the coastline Ė instead, they line estuaries and creeks, gorging themselves on exhausted fish while eagles soar above. Soon, the rain will start for earnest, dousing Haida Gwaii for days on end while salmon carcasses pile up on the riverbanks, nurturing the lush forests that are so central to the fabric of these magical islands.

In the midst of this annual spectacle, Peregrine Lodge is also undergoing a transformation. As gulls circle on the wind, our staff is working tirelessly to rig-down the lodge and prepare for a new season. Boats are being pulled and winterized, tackle is being sorted, cleaned, and stored, and several exciting upgrades to our facilities are underway.  Only a few days ago, our freezers were overflowing with thousands of pounds of delicious seafood caught by our final group of guests Ė now, those freezers sit idle, serving as storage space until next year, when they will again be packed with fresh bounty from the sea.  

2014 was a truly spectacular season, and Iíd like to take this opportunity to thank you, our guests, for making it special. My family and I have been fishing in these waters for over 26 years, and to be able to share this magical place with you is a true honour. Every year seems more exciting than the last. We are continuously evolving and improving, and it is always a treat to be able to spoil both first-time guests and those who have been coming up for decades.  

Whether you caught a monster 50+ pound salmon like Fred Burgess or Carter Berg, one of the many mid-40 pounders that were around this year, or perhaps that elusive first-ever tyee, we hope you got a taste of the raw thrill of fishing in Haida Gwaii. It is that thrill that keeps my family and I coming back to this corner of British Columbia. It drives our guides, fuels our land staff, and makes the entire camp buzz. And once you get a taste of the excitement, it is hard to spit the hook. Fishing here is unlike anything else in the world. Again, thank you for letting us share the experience with you.  

If you didnít get a chance to visit us this season, donít worry. We have a ton of exciting things planned for 2015, and early forecasts suggest the fishing will be excellent Ė now is the perfect time to stop dreaming and start planning the fishing adventure of a lifetime.  Already, we canít wait to get back on the water and take you fishing.     

So again, from myself, my family, and on behalf of all of the staff of Peregrine Lodge, thank you for an incredible season. You brought joy, friendship, and warmth to our lodge. Seeing you do battle with monster fish and hearing your screams of delight made all of our efforts worthwhile. We wish you all the best in the offseason, and we canít wait to welcome you back to Naden Harbour soon.

Tight lines, screamin reels, and silver smiles,  

Georgia Husby



Georgia Husby

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Trip 18: August 17-20

Posted August 22, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

As August draws to a close and we head into the late stages of summer, one might expect ocean fishing to slow down. But up here, on the north tip of Haida Gwaii, the fishing continues to be excellent. In fact, on this, our final trip of the year, our guests retained an average of over 160 pounds of fish per person! Some of our guests even caught over 200 pounds of fish! These numbers are simply extraordinary.

The massive spring salmon that we are known for at Peregrine Lodge make up a lot of this weight. Bill and the 30-pounder that he retained on Monday, pictured below, are an example of the awesome chinook salmon that lurk in our waters.

Billís fish was far from the largest of the trip, however. That honour went to James, who caught and released a massive 41-pound spring right before burger day! Helped by guide Mikey, James did an outstanding job landing this giant fish. Steve came a close second, catching and releasing a beautiful 38-pounder on Wednesday with the help of guide Chris. Congrats gentlemen!

A number of big halibut helped round out the trip. Steve is shown below with a 59 pound hali.

Riley, below, on his first-ever salmon fishing trip, clearly didnít take long to get the hang of things.

Finally, a number of massive coho were caught this trip. When these fish get up to sizes of 15 and 16 pounds, they fight like nothing else out there. Jessica is picture below with a hog 15-pound coho.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And so, we find ourselves at the end of the season, saying goodbye to our final group of guests. Staff, management, and ownership all do so with heavy hearts Ė it is always difficult to leave Naden Harbour, particularly after a season filled with so many big fish, close friends, and special memories. Yet, as we load our final chopper and start shutting things down, we are already getting excited for next year. If 2015 is anything like this past season, we are in for an exhilarating time. We canít wait to share it with you Ė until then, tight lines and screaming reels!


Mark Kelsey

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Tyee Time!

Posted August 18, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

Bill Cole caught this impressive tyee salmon off Snake Rock on Monday morning!

Mark Kelsey

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Trip 17: August 13-17

Posted August 17, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

As we wrap up our 17th trip and head into the final days of our season, the fishing continues to be phenomenal. Our guests are getting into tons of big fish, the weather is gorgeous, and good memories are being made left and right. These past few days have seen consistent springs, lots of feisty coho, and some massive halibut. In one day, for example, Cory W. guided Gerry to a 30lb spring and a 150lb+ halibut release! Gerry definitely felt it in his arms that evening! Butcher also found his guests a good hali - helping Paul bring a 49 pounder to the boat. What a nice eating fish!

  The big fish this trip was another of the 40lb+ beauties that have been so plentiful this season. Stan Wong landed this 41lb hog with the help of guide Catfish. 

  Another 40lb fish was caught by support vessel operator Mark on Sunday. The thrill of fighting one of these majestic fish really has to be experienced to be understood. 

  Also on Sunday, guide Brendan helped guests Mark and Gerry limit out on springs and coho before 10am! Here is a shot of some of the nice springs they hooked into in their VERY busy morning. 

  It is no wonder that there are so many salmon around when you consider the abundance of the baitfish in our waters - photos like this one can be recreated on a daily basis every 200 meters along the coastline, with massive schools of herring and needlefish everywhere. 

  We wish this season wouldn't end - the fishing has been outstanding and we have had a wonderful time with all of our loyal guests. We can't wait to see what the final trip of the season holds.     

Mark Kelsey

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Bottom-fish frenzy!

Posted August 16, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

Guide Mikey put the Wong family on top of some massive bottom fish today! 

Mark Kelsey

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