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Thanks for another outstanding season!

Posted August 25, 2013 by Georgia Husby

A familiar transformation is underway here in Naden Harbour. As the weather starts to turn, rig-down of Peregrine Lodge is well underway. We’ve said goodbye to the last of our guests, and staff are working hard to prepare the lodge for the winter season. Boats are being pulled and winterized, tackle and equipment is being sorted, cleaned and stored, and a number of exciting upgrades and improvements are getting underway. But we’d like to pause and take a break from this hectic work to thank you, our guests, for another outstanding season at Peregrine Lodge.

We are tremendously proud to have celebrated our 25th anniversary this year. My family and I love fishing in the Queen Charlotte Islands, and it has been a true pleasure to share this experience with all of you over the past 25 years. In this industry, 25 years of operation is no small feat – we owe our enduring success to you, and we are very thankful for your continued support.

We’d also like to thank our incredible staff for all of their efforts this year. From our guides to our shore staff, all of our employees feel like family members. The work here isn’t easy – we expect an industry-leading level of professionalism and customer service, and the season can be long – but our staff maintain an admirably tireless work ethic and positive attitude throughout the season, and for that we are very grateful.

If you were able to visit us this season, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed your experience. We always enjoy fishing with our guests, and this season was no exception. It was an honor to see a bunch of our old friends catch huge fish this year, from Pat Quinn’s monster 61-pounder to Gerald Matichuk’s late summer 56. It was equally rewarding to see new friends light up with the silver smiles brought on by first-time tyees, or to hear the screams of delight echoing across the water as our guests did battle with once-in-a-lifetime fish.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit this season, don’t worry; we’re already planning exciting things for next season. 2014 will undoubtedly be an outstanding year of fishing, and we look forward to helping you write your next fishing stories. We can’t wait to get our boats back in the water, spool our reels, and take you fishing!

So again, from myself, my family, and on behalf of all of the staff of Peregrine Lodge, thank you for an incredible season. We look forward to another 25 years of world-class fishing, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our lodge.

Tight Lines and Screamin’ Reels,

Georgia Husby

Georgia Husby

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August 18 to 21 Trip

Posted August 22, 2013 by Mark Kelsey

Late August fishing continues to be outstanding in Haida Gwaii. Though the weather is beginning to feel a bit more like autumn, the fishing is red hot. The momentum of an incredible season has carried us towards a terrific ending to the year. As the guests of our 18th trip of the season would say, now is certainly a great time to visit Peregrine Lodge.

A number of large fish were caught on this three-day trip. The largest of the group, a 38-pound hog, was landed by Al Nelson. Al and guide Rick Mattson started their day off Snake Rock, together with a number of other boats. But as the morning drew on, and few boats seemed to be having much luck, Al suggested that they pull up their lines and head over to “the dark side” – Cape Edenshaw. So, Rick and Al relocated. As soon as they put their lines back down, they found themselves in the middle of some of the best fishing of the day. Alone at Cape Edenshaw, they were immediately hammered by bites. One of these bites ended up being their trophy fish. Another bite ripped the line out of the downrigger clip and took off – this one ended up not being a tyee, but a perfect 25lb halibut.

Al’s halibut was big, but it wasn’t the biggest of the trip. That honour went to Katherine Fyfe. Katherine was fishing the halibut grounds with Carl Larson and guide Johnny Williams on Tuesday when she hooked into a big fish. Though recent regulations have stipulated that the biggest halibut be released, our halibut grounds have been stellar this year, producing countless good-eating fish. Katherine’s catch is a perfect example – it tipped the scales at 52 pounds. Johnny also found a gorgeous 35-pound hali for Carl.  

Sheldon Vedlitz and Ron Warren of Texas also had a memorable day on the water on Monday. Sheldon and Ron were fishing Yats Bay, and had the spot to them. Guide Sean Conway knew it was going to be a good morning. And, sure enough, not long after dropping their lines, they were slammed with a double header of tyees. In keeping with our conservation ethic, both fish were released; Peter released a 30-pounder, and Sheldon released a thick 36-pounder. What a great day at Yats!

Sean Killoran and Saralee Wallis also caught tyees this trip – they both landed 30 pounders. And massive coho are still passing through our waters. David Hennes, visiting us for the first time from Washington, tied the season record with a feisty 15-pound coho landed on Tuesday.  

Clearly, the fishing in late August is as good as it gets. Whenever you visit us here at Peregrine Lodge, you can count on having the opportunity to hook into a massive spring, a hog halibut, and a bunch of spirited coho. You can also count on our trademark customer service and luxurious accommodations. This, our 18th and final trip of the season, was just yet another example of our many memorable fishing adventures of 2013. We know the guests of our 18th trip will be back – isn’t it time you start planning YOUR next fishing adventure of a lifetime?

Mark Kelsey

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Tyee Time!

Posted August 20, 2013 by Mark Kelsey

Saralee Wallis caught this 30-pound tyee with guide Butch Sakiyama on Tuesday!

Mark Kelsey

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August 14 to 18 Trip

Posted August 18, 2013 by Mark Kelsey

As we move into the second half of August, summer in Haida Gwaii is nearing a close. The days are growing shorter, and nighttime temperatures have begun to drop. Out on the water our days have continued to be warm and sunny, but the morning air has had that crisp autumn ambience that hints at changing seasons. And as the summer starts to draw to a close, the fishing is really stepping up a notch. As we approach the end of the season and the annual migration of salmon enters its final phase, the fish are getting bigger and more plentiful. Large, feisty coho are everywhere, and giant tyee springs lurk just inside the kelp. This is a great time to visit Peregrine Lodge. We are entering the fishiest time of the year, and for the guests of our 17th trip this meant four days full of red-hot fishing action.

Parker Point has been one of our most consistently productive fishing spots this season, and our guides continued to see outstanding fishing there this trip. In fact, guest Eric Buhler and guide Brent Gibson were fishing Parker when they hooked into the biggest fish of the trip. Eric had been under the weather for several days, and had to dig deep into his reserves of stamina and energy to land the fish. But land it he did – the fish ended up weighing a whopping 45 pounds! Eric’s dad Doug also did well for himself, pulling up a 63-pound halibut! It was a real pleasure to welcome the Buhler’s back for their ninth trip to the lodge.

We were also pleased to welcome John Slessor and his group, who were returning to the lodge for their seventh time. Always entertaining, the Slessor group didn’t just inject energy and humour into the lodge, they also caught some big fish! Bob Wallace earned himself a hat with his catch of a 30-pound tyee, while Kent Wallace released a gorgeous 32-pound spring. The Slessor group also caught some beautiful coho – John landed a trip-record 15-pounder, and James Bell caught a 14. We’re going to miss these gentlemen – the sound of their laughter really made the lodge feel like home over the past few days.

Kelsey Keen caught two tyees on his first trip to Peregrine; a 30 and a 33. Kelsey’s fishing partner Lawrence also caught some big fish, including a well-proportioned 30-pound tyee and a 14 pound coho. Even more tyee salmon were caught by Evan Joubert (34) and Marilyn Sakiyama, who landed an astonishing three massive fish: a 34, a 30 and a 32. All the while, humpback whales, orcas, bears, and bald eagles provided additional entertainment. After seeing few at the beginning of the season, large numbers of humpbacks are now moving through our waters, feeding on the wealth of bait fish in the area.  

Clearly, the late summer fishing has been outstanding. At every turn, this season has impressed us with beautiful weather, innumerable fish, and outstanding experiences. As we approach the end of August, nothing has changed. Our 25th Anniversary season continues to be a season to remember.

Mark Kelsey

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A Silver Smile!

Posted August 18, 2013 by Mark Kelsey

Marilyn Sakiyama landed this gorgeous 32-pound spring on Sunday with the help of guide Butch.

Mark Kelsey

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