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54 pound release & Greene with envy!

Posted July 29, 2015 by Georgia Husby

Georgia Husby

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“Good things come to those that bait”

Posted July 28, 2015 by Georgia Husby

Trip Report July 22-26, 2015

Wow! The time is flying by this year as we get closer to Hogust. You know it’s almost the end of July when the Page groups arrives. The lodge’s atmosphere was very familial this past trip as the Montgomery’s, Muirs and Belzbergs returned yet again for their fishing adventure of the year with us.
We welcomed newcomers Erin and Jose from California. Erin was a dynamo on the rod, landing herself a 38-pound Tyee and a 70-pound Halibut. Some say it is beginners luck, but I say it was her enthusiastic spirit of loving all good things in life, and the exceptional fishing here is to be included in her mantra. Jose also landed himself a Tyee, as he was not to be outdone by this little superstar.  

Sean and Duncan Muir tagged 3 Tyees on their license, but the highlight of the trip was playing a monster over 60 on the last day. Craig has much to be proud of with his sons, especially their ability to call a piggy to the boat….SU…EY!!

Klashwein has been on fire for the past week. The downriggers have been the key to successfully hooking up in an area that runs fast with water. With the wind coming out of the south for a few days, smoother waters were enjoyed as we rounded about the corner.   

Those that are hippie fishing, the weighted rods are keeping the guests busy at either Naden or Parker point.  

I was pleased to have a few gals here for this past trip. I know I had a blast on the water with them. They seemed to light up the lodge and enjoyed the amazing angling and habitat on the fishing grounds. A few disappointments for them were talked about in the evenings …… and I always stop to ponder"Why the biggest one of their day is always the one that got away”. Nevertheless, they left with full boxes and a few extra pounds because like me, it is hard to say  "No ! ”to the donuts Mansour keeps baking and the incredible cuisine by Reto.  

The halibut grounds are robust with guests releasing the over 100 pound mark and taking home the 60-70 pound keepers. A total of 14 Tyees between 30 pounds and 46 pounds were either landed or released this trip and our congratulations are extended yet again as they return home with fishtails and fish tales.  

We encourage all our guests to book early for their 2016 fishing adventures as the spots available are filling up fast already.  

Until next time,

"Best Wishes for Big Fishes”


Georgia Husby

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Smacking’em at Peregrine Lodge

Posted July 23, 2015 by Georgia Husby

Trip date: July 19 - 22 

Haida Gwaii is infamous for its mystical shorelines and our guests first day presented itself with a light drizzle of rain and a low cover of fog that swept across the gentle waters of the north. This is the perfect combination set-up to lure those big fish up to shallower depths.
Seven Tyees were angled on opening day, with the largest being just short of a forty pounder. Parker Point is maintaining to be the hot spot and chosen location to get a chance at a trophy sized salmon.Not to be outdone in size, 14-year old Eric reeled in a 67 pound Halibut, guided by Johnny. Eric was grinning endlessly with the accomplishment of his grand feat.

On day 2 of this trip, four more anglers joined the Tyee Club for the 2015 season, followed by four Tyees over 30 pounds on the final day plus one over 40.  Leo Robert had a great final day of Halibut fishing and on their return to the lodge Jake decided to drop in at the Mazzerados, a tempting spot, which is incredibly close to home. The line went peeling off on his weighted rod and the battle was on. Leo was thrilled to release this massive Tyee taping out to be 43 pounds. We congratulate Leo for his outstanding angling skills, and also to all the newest members to join the Tyee club at Peregrine Lodge, especially to "No-Tyee  Kevin” who can not possibly be tagged with that name anymore!
With exuberant amounts of needlefish everywhere on our fishing grounds, we are constantly seeing "silver” dancing on the surface followed by the reoccurring sounds of splashes of salmon being enticed to expose themselves. 

The new dock weigh in program has been a highlight for both new and returning anglers.
The anticipation of "I can’t wait for the weight” has stepped up a notch or two, as Hippopotamus time is in full swing, and Hogust is just around the corner at Peregrine Lodge.

We have 4 spots available this year between August 2nd and August 9th. Why let someone else reel in your fish of a lifetime? Get ready, get packed and get in on all the reel big action this year. Please call Bruce at 1-800-663-0992 to book one of our "Last Minute Specials”.

Until next time, thank you for choosing Peregrine Lodge for your fishing adventure and remember, you are always family to us.

Tight lines, and bent rods. Georgia  

Georgia Husby

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Let us hook you up with a Tyee!

Posted July 19, 2015 by Thomas Cowan

This was the trip of the Tyee’s with well over 24 of the illustrious landed to the Peregrine fleet over the past four days. There was plenty to celebrate at the weigh in every day and even a 55 lb Hog to keep the energy high on this fishing adventure.

Some of these monster hogs are being found in unlikely places with plugs just barely sinking below the surface before they’re hit. When they’re here, they’re here! Jeff was aboard our Crown Jewel using a down rigger at an exceptionally shallow troll when he hooked his trip winning 55 lb Chinook. At first they thought it might have been a halibut because of the area they were fishing in... that was until the line went for a screecher of a run. The fish have been fighting hard this week and Jeff’s was no exception with almost 40 minutes being put in before landing the hog.

This trip some of these reel battles are getting stepped up by the fish as the summer continues on. The 25 pounders have been swimming like they’re 35 lb with people being surprised with the 30 min it takes to fight the raw power of these incredible species! There is nothing quite like salmon fishing in the Haida waters especially with this season continuing to prove it’s one of the best runs we have seen in years up here.

With over 24+ Tyee being landed, many of the 35 lb and up being released, the list of people to congratulate is getting longer every trip! Congratulations to Jeff, Bill, Joe, and Ed, for catching and releasing fish over the 40 lb mark. Congratulations to everyone not mentioned for a phenomenal display of fish mastery over the past four days.

This season has also been amazing for the weather and not only the fish! Today it was sunny blue and glassy smooth as far as the eye could see into the horizon. Perfect weather for those wishing to get their halibut after having their fill of salmon fishing. 

It’s time now to watch yet another an amazing sunset over Naden harbor, with our old friends and new friends. Till the next report,

"Keep those rods bent and palms flat!” Captain Tom

Thomas Cowan

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Tyee Fever!

Posted July 18, 2015 by Thomas Cowan

It seems a case of Tyee fever is going around! 

Thomas Cowan

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