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Trip 12: July 27-30th

Posted July 30, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

At Peregrine Lodge, we take great pride in building lasting relationships with our guests; guests to our corner of Haida Gwaii become our friends, our family, and the heart and soul of our lodge. And there are no dearer friends to Peregrine Lodge than the Toigo family, who joined us on our most recent trip. The Toigo’s have been coming up to Naden Harbour since our founding 26 years ago, and have shared many memorable experiences with us. This year was no exception.

Peter caught and released two 40-pound springs this trip. Pictured below is his second, caught with guide Jorgen off the perennially popular Parker Pt.

Dominic also hooked into a nice fish, catching and releasing the beautiful 32-pound tyee below just after sunrise with the help of guide Catfish. Dom found his fish off Snake Rock.

Not to be outdone, Dylan pulled a very similar 32-pounder out of Snake Bay under sunny skies on Wednesday morning. Guide Mikey helped Dylan fight this feisty fish, and then revived the fish and released it.

Quinn found a nice fish on Wednesday, fishing alongside his father Pat and guide Butcher at Green Point. This 31-pounder will surely be a memorable catch for Quinn.

In addition to the Toigo family, we had some new visitors to the lodge this week. John, fishing with friend Bill and guide Craig, got a taste of what makes Peregrine Lodge special when he hooked into this gorgeous 38-pound spring off Snake Rock on Monday. An experienced angler, John needed little help getting the fish to the boat. We can’t wait to welcome John back again soon.

Other than salmon, a lot of wildlife has been moving through our waters, from packs of transient killer whales hunting in the kelp to massive Humpback whales feeding on the swarms of baitfish in our waters. This humpy was putting on quite a show around Green Pt on Wednesday, filter feeding on needlefish close to shore alongside a massive school of coho.

 For guests old and new, Peregrine Lodge really is more than a fishing lodge. It is a home away from home, filled with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fish stories. If you haven’t already experienced our little slice of paradise, get up here soon – we can’t wait to welcome you.

Mark Kelsey

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A Sunrise Spring!

Posted July 28, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

Dominic Toigo and guide Catfish caught this 32-pounder shortly after dropping his lines off Snake Rock on Monday. 

Mark Kelsey

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Bird Rock Beauty!

Posted July 28, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

John Cavo hooked into this spectacular 38-pound spring off Bird Rock early Monday morning.

Mark Kelsey

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Trip 11: July 23rd-27th

Posted July 27, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

WOWEEE TYEE! Our last trip was one of our best of the season so far! Our guests caught 25 tyees, including 6 fish over 40 pounds! In one single day, we hooked 3 fish over 40 pounds. The waters off Peregrine Lodge are teeming with big fish, and our guests have been doing battle with them in record numbers. 

Dallen, pictured above, hooked into this 41 pound spring off Parker Pt. The fish was netted, measured, revived and released with the help of guide Sam, helping ensure that future generations will be able to shake hands with such incredible fish.

It was Jeff, however, who had one of the most prolific days of fishing we’ve seen this year. Jeff was fishing with guide Jorgen on Saturday morning when his fishing partner hooked into a 38 pound spring. That easily could have been the fish of the day, but Jeff wasn’t ready to call it quits – before long, he had caught and released both a 43 pounder and a 47 pounder! It was a day that none of them will soon forget. Jeff’s 47 is pictured above.

On the same day, James caught a 44-pound spring off Parker Pt with the help of Johnny Williams.

Georgia and guide Lee also hooked into a massive spring, netting and releasing a fish that taped out at 43 pounds.

Our guides also got into some massive halibut. Conditions have been ideal for this lately, with calm seas and light winds making bottom fishing easy. And there certainly have been big fish around – Dick and guide Cory caught this huge 69 pound hali on Sunday. You won’t find many legal halibut bigger than that – Dick will certainly eat well this winter!

Again, what an incredible few days it has been here at Peregrine Lodge. Big fish are everywhere. Join us in Naden Harbour soon, and catch your own 40-pound beauty!

Mark Kelsey

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What a day!

Posted July 26, 2014 by Mark Kelsey

In one of our busiest days yet, Jeff Page and guide Jorgen caught and released two fish over 40 pounds, including this 43 pound beauty!

Mark Kelsey

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