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Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii


July 11 – 14, 2010

Posted July 14, 2010 by Allie Bonner

The Haida Gwaii welcomed the newest group of Peregrine Lodge guests with a beautiful sunny day and a spectacular wildlife show to kick off the first day of fishing. With deer feasting on morsels left on the beach during low tide and massive sea lions keeping a watchful eye on the waters around Bird Rock, the guides and guests prepared for what promised to be an exciting day of fishing. Not to disappoint, both guides, Bill Murray and Steve Larsen, ‘tubbed out’ each guest on Chinooks before 10 AM. Each boat worked the waters just East of Cape Naden offshore with their downriggers.

The large Chinook showed up for the second day of the trip. Taking queue from Bill and Steve’s successes the previous day, the fleet followed suit and each boat, in turn, played numerous salmon throughout the day. Parker Point seemed to be the big producer of the day. Four tyees came off the East side; the biggest one landed by 18 year old, Patrick Ross. The impressive Chinook came to 48 pounds on the scale. First salmon he has ever caught! What an experience!

Unbeknownst to the rest of the fleet, guide Bryce McClaren and guests, Kirby Copeland and Rick Robinson went hog hunting at Cape Naden in the early afternoon that same day. Bryce stuck to a depth with his downrigger that he knew to be bountiful many days previous for him and the other guides. After only two passes close to the kelp off the point, the port side was impressively struck. Rod corked over, Kirby Copeland took hold of the Islander and set into what turned into a half an hour fight. Bryce managed to coax the behemoth of a Chinook off the kelp bed just in time to smoothly net it. Like a well-oiled machine, the three in the boat got to work immediately. Within 3 minutes of netting the salmon, measurements were taken, photos were snapped and the trophy Chinook was let go. The verdict sent the Peregrine guests into a frenzy of excitement and shouts of joy. A 50 pounder! The dining room that evening was buzzing with glasses raised in cheers, tyee hats being passed out and big fish stories; each guest trying to ‘one up’ each other, eager to try the next day for another.

You’ve got lots of line and lots of time – See you soon.

Allie Bonner

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June 30 - July 4, 2010

Posted July 4, 2010 by Allie Bonner

Peregrines’ guest had plenty to celebrate during the Canada Day festivities. Calm waters, sunshine and plenty of action gave way for all. Glen and Annette Fox were seen on the fishing grounds sporting Team Canada hockey jerseys, while some of the guides had Canadian flags and toques. With such fantastic fishing conditions the anglers did not have much time to sit and relax, as there was an overwhelming amount of action on the rods throughout the day

The morning got off to a great start for Jason Wubs. Jason hooked into his first bite of the morning at Snake Rock; the salmon challenged him for a forty-minute fight.
After carefully releasing their huge fish, they readily called in the measurements,
44 by 27 inches, our P1 skipper James Mahon, congratulated Chris Bromley and his guests for releasing this 42 pounder. Cheers of support for their success roared throughout the fleet. Later in the day Jason would yet again, hook into a tyee in the same location. This time, the powerful Chinook, hooked off the rigger, led the fishermen a mile offshore. The fish fought hard and made impressive runs for nearly an hour. The photo shooter was readily available for capturing pictures of his second released tyee.

The second day of the trip marked an unforgettable memory for guide Bryce McClaren, and guests Scott Jellous and John Plohman. The three decided to veer from the rest of the fleet and went to take their chances at Edenshaw to try their luck. Piggy hole did not disappoint, within half an hour Scott had hooked into his big one. There was no doubt in Scott’s mind he was releasing this massive fish. After final calculations of the measurements, Bryce was informed that they had just released an outstanding 58 pound Chinook. The evening would bring celebrations of champagne and toasts to the team for such a victorious release.
Peregrine Lodge anglers experienced one of the finest fishing days ever in the misty isles. Stories of the day continued late into the evening; as everyone raved about participating in netting and or releasing throughout the “one day only” catch. Hundreds of salmon were caught and/or played. An abundance of tyee hats, handshakes and smiles were shared during the award festivities for day two.

The final two days of the guest’s stay at Peregrine followed much the same exhilarating trend. Plentiful bites and fights to be had on the water and much boasting over drinks on the dock over whose fish will take the pool that evening. By far the largest catch Peregrine Lodge has seen this season, each established angler went home with an abundance of fish as tokens of their experience and stories of grandiose releases to share with family and friends when they reach home.

You’ve got plenty of line and plenty of time – See you soon.

Allie Bonner

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June 27 – 30, 2010

Posted July 2, 2010 by Allie Bonner

Our guests have seen some of the finest fishing in the Haida Gwaii this past trip. June 28, our guests encountered a drizzling rain throughout the day. Our anglers didn’t pay too much attention to the weather, as the action for most boats was consistent throughout the day. The morning’s low tide proved fruitful for one guest in particular. Just off the East side of Parker, skillfully guided by Bill Murray, Mark Abrams hooked a large Chinook at a shallow depth. This mighty salmon put up a challenging fight for close to an hour. The large Chinook tipped the scales later in the afternoon at a whopping 52 pounds. The Abrams were the newest members of our “Over 50 Pounds Club”.

Dave Uzzell, one of our most senior guides, left the docks at 7:00 AM with his two guests and headed straight to Cape Edenshaw. By 9 o’clock, three tyees weighing in at 47, 37 and 33 pounds were already in their tub. They soon headed to Green Point to catch their limit of Cohoes and out to the Halibut grounds to hook into their Halibuts. They were back at the lodge by noon to enjoy an afternoon in the hot tub and booked appointments with the masseuse. Now that’s great fishing!!
The fishing on day three proved to be stellar. The early morning action was enjoyed by every angler starting with double headers at Snake and Parker Point, two of the most consistent fishing spots in the Haida Gwaii. East Parker proved to be plentiful for Steve Schwartz and John Williams’ guests. Both boats had simultaneous double-headers on their downriggers running from 27 – 41 feet.

The rest of the fleet saw much of the same sort of action throughout the morning at 30 feet and deeper. Allison, our resident photographer was busy all morning taking action shots. At any one moment, there was a feisty Coho or a powerful Chinook being played. With full boxes the guests left later that day ready to regale their family and friends with Peregrine Lodge fish stories.

You’ve got plenty of line and plenty of time – See you soon!

Allie Bonner

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