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June 26 to 29, 2011

Posted June 30, 2011 by John Kelsey

As the sun rose on June 27th, a new group of guests headed out on the water, excited and eager to get in on what has been an incredible start to the season. It was another beautiful day out on the water, leaving our guides shaking their heads with disbelief as they yet again shed their rain gear in favour of sunglasses and sunscreen. It was flat calm, and it was a spectacular sight to see the fleet departing in formation from the dock.

It was not long at all before the guides and guests both realised that the plentiful runs of Chinook and Coho that have been passing through our fishing grounds were far from slowing down. In fact, it seemed to be heating up, with fish being reeled in at a feverish pace, with every boat hooking up almost simultaneously. The top fish of day one went to Neil Pilsner, who caught a beautiful 32 pound Tyee in dramatic fashion. Fishing off Green Point with Cory as their guide, his fishing partner Andrew Brochu hooked into an aggressive 20 pounder. Just as Neil was starting to reel his rod in to make way for Andrew, he hooked into his Tyee, leading to some incredible double-header action. The 32-pounder was also a fighter, but having already set all of his bait himself, Neil was able to fight him single handily, bringing him into the boat after an incredible breathtaking fight that lasted over 40 minutes!! Before the day was done, Neil and Andrew were able to both boat their full daily retention limit for Chinook and Halibut, while also catching 3 Cohos between the two of them to start things off in incredible fashion.

Day 2 saw similar good luck for Neil and Andrew, who had reached their maximum for the trip before lunch, and were happy to release 10 fish over the course of the day. With seldom an opportunity to even get all of their lines in the water before getting bites, it was one of the busiest days their guide had ever seen! However, they were not the only ones to have success. Cecil Smith, under the experienced guidance of Butch, was able to land a beautiful 28 pound spring just off of Parker Point. Fishing at about 25 feet on a weighted rod, the fish took the cut-plug herring bait and ran with it. It was well over a half hour later that Cecil was able to finally hold the fish up for a triumphant photo!

Things did not cool off on the third morning, and by the time the guests rolled triumphantly back into our dock, every single guest had reached their limit for Chinooks! Furthermore, all but a few guests reached their limit in Cohos, which were once again abundant. After such a haul of fish, there were many sore backs, which our talented masseuse Julie was more than willing to take care of. There was no pain visible in their faces however, as every guests left with an ear to ear smile, which for us, the staff of Peregrine Lodge, is the biggest reward we can hope for!

John Kelsey

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June 22 to 26, 2011

Posted June 27, 2011 by John Kelsey

After a beautiful arrival by helicopter the night before, our guests awoke to by far the nicest day of the season. Even out on the fishing grounds, guests were able to admire their own reflection in the glassy calm waters. However, the reflections were soon disturbed as fish after fish after fish was pulled out of the water. It was a truly incredible day of fishing that left the stunning weather as forgotten side note in the evening’s discussions. From the moment that the lines were first dropped into the water until the end of the day, things did not slow down. The top mark went to Darren Klinck, who with his guide Kai was able to haul in a 41-pound beauty! Fishing just off of Parker Point with cut-plug herring bait off a downrigger, they had this trophy of a fish hooked before 8:00am. As one can imagine, this hogg did not come up without a fight, but the look on Darren’s face when he hoisted it up for a photo is a look I will never forget. Dripping with sweat with adrenaline still pumping, he was the happiest man in the world! While Darren’s catch represented the biggest salmon, it was not even the biggest fish caught that first day. That honour was stolen by Tom Scholcz who reeled in an incredible 58 pound Halibut after an incredible battle alongside his guide Steve Larson. Fishing with salmon gear in a mere 35 feet of water behind Snake Rock, they were as surprised as anybody when this behemoth hooked on. Another impressive accomplishment that was overshadowed by the trophy catches was that, In their first ever trip to Peregrine Lodge, Erin and Karyn Vernon, as well as Sarah Kam, all caught their first salmon ever, deserving of big congratulations!

The pace did not slow down much over the course of the next few days, as Tyees continued to be reeled in. Once again, by the end of the trip, almost every guest had reached their limit for the trip, resulting in a huge amount of releases in the final days. Amongst these were many good sized fish, included Nicholas Dagg’s 35 pounder. However, top marks went to Lewis Klinck who caught and released a 39 pound Chinook. Similarly to Darren’s first day catch, Lewis was also fishing off of Parker point with his guide Brent. With Parker having been a hot spot all morning, there were many boats around, and this Tyee dragged them around for close to half an hour, narrowly missing the downriggers and lines of the rest of our fleets. An exhausted Lewis told me after the catch that he would promptly be hitting the gym upon his return to the mainland, as his arms were aching far too much.

As the trip came to a close, we were pleased to see the full arrival of the first large Coho salmon run. With the focus having previously been nearly entirely on the Chinook, our expert guides began venturing out a bit in search of the arriving Coho, and it paid off, with a huge number of Coho caught in the last few days! With success like this across the board, it was an incredible four days of fishing for all involved. Add in the glorious weather and all of the comforts on land that we at Peregrine are famous for, and you have one heck of a great vacation! Thank you to all outgoing guests for choosing Peregrine Lodge as your fishing destination. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces again next year.

John Kelsey

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June 19 to 22, 2011

Posted June 24, 2011 by John Kelsey

After months of preparation on the part of the management and staff of Peregrine Lodge, June 19th saw the arrival of helicopters full of guests, officially kicking off the 2011 season! Despite possibly having indulged in too large of dinner portions that night, everyone was up and ready the next morning, eager to get their lines in the water. Upon arriving down on the docks, our guests were overjoyed to see our five new 23 foot Edgewater boats. Custom designed and built especially for us at Peregrine Lodge, the new boats are the perfect fishing machines. (But certainly do not neglect comfort and style!) It was a good thing they were ready and in the best possible boats, because the fish were ready and waiting for them. In the first day alone, over 30 Chinook, over 10 halibut, and 5 Coho were reeled in. Included in this count were several notable catches. First, under the guidance of Cory, Glen Walker was able to real in the first Tyee of the season, weighing in at an even 30 pounds. 30 pounds was also the magic number for Mike Muzlowski who, guided by Johnny, was able to reel in a 30-pound halibut. After a great day of fishing himself, Norm Duncan forced to stand in the shadow of his wife, Lenore, who was able to bring in a 28-pound Chinook early in the day. There were doubts that the pace set by day one could be so much as maintained on Tuesday, but in fact it was surpassed, with two boats reaching their limits by lunchtime! While the total number of fish caught was nearly identical to Monday, day two saw a definite increase in the size of fish. Not to be outdone by his father’s halibut catch, David Muzlowski stepped up and landed a 33-pound Chinook near the end of the day. Impressive catches from Shane Uren (28lbs), Doug Berger (27lbs), Mike Smith (27lbs), and Roy Patrick (26lbs) topped off the list for the day. Not wanting to break the pattern, the third day continued in much the same way. Bruce Burgess put his trust in our youngest guide, Kai, and it paid off with Bruce catching and releasing an estimated 33 pound Chinook mid morning. That weight was matched by Elmer Stewart, who ventured as far west as Green Point to land his Tyee. As per usual, there were too many good catches to name them all, but an underrated achievement was made by Craig Olley, who was able to reel in an 18-pound lingcod to close out his trip.

The helicopters were full as they took from our helipad as a vast majority of our guests reached their limits in not only Chinook but also halibut. The first trip of the year can often be somewhat challenging for the staff of any seasonal resort, but looking back, it is very difficult for any of us to think of anything that didn’t run smoothly. However, despite our best preparations, the great start to the fishing season can be attributed to nobody but our skilled and patient guests, so for that we thank you! We hope to see you again next year.

John Kelsey

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Final Preparations for the 2011 Season

Posted June 13, 2011 by Robert Penman

Much has to happen before the guests arrive and the rig up crew have been hard at it since mid May. For many on the team it’s like returning home and they have been enjoying a mixture of misty chilly mornings, brisk out flow winds and periods of clear blue sky’s and sunny days…. No matter what the weather there are 1001 things to get done all in preparation for the 19th June when our first guests arrive.

The guides who are here are chomping at the bit to get into their boats as they are hearing all the chatter about record numbers of big Chinook being caught. Already a 74 pounder on the west side of Graham Island, if it had chosen to come down the east side it would have swam almost right past our door.

Given how many big fish are being caught we anticipate lots of tyee’s! More so than in previous years at this this early stage of the season. The writing is on the wall “Its going to be a stellar season” better start warming up those biceps your going to need all the strength you have to reel these fish in.

Great new things are developing in the kitchen Richard Benson our new Head Chef arrived a week ago and is busy in the kitchen making preserves, relishes and all sorts of treats and putting the final touches to his menu. Richard’s style of cooking will encompass many of the old favourites but with a new twist that I guarantee will want you asking for seconds. The Texas style BBQ was such an overwhelming success, we are stepping it up to offer extra items to be delivered on the water. Life is grand here at Peregrine but will be even grander once our guests arrive and we start seeing some fish on the scale.

The list of new things at the lodge this year continues! But this is something very spectacular….5 new 23’ T top custom built Edgewater boats with state of the art equipment and step down head in the centre consul. There is not a finer boat on the coast “it’s a fishing machine” specifically designed for Peregrine Lodge, it gets you out to the fishing ground fast and smooth and has the ability to move to the bite rapidly when the action turn’s on. They are equipped with IPod stereo system so pack you favourite tunes just incase you have a moment to relax while your fishing.

Peregrine Lodge enjoyed the best fishing of any lodge last year with record setting catches by our anglers. We highly anticipate another year with record numbers. The new Westport fleet will get you to the best fishing grounds offered in the Pacific Northwest, smoother and faster and in such style. With all the new changes, it will be a fantastic year for Peregrine Lodge guests and one that should not be missed….So if you have not booked yet….what are you waiting for? A fishing adventure of a lifetime is only a phone call away.....Contact Bruce McFadden our sales manager would be happy to discuss availability dates and can be reached at 604 803 6157 or

For you comfort all of the room’s have received a mini make over through the winter, re-decorated, new linen’s and some spectacular artwork photographs of guests, wild life and salmon! You might even recognize yourself in a few if you have been with us previously…remember all the rooms have their own phones if you need to call home and if you want to watch a little TV before you fall asleep there are new flat screens in every room.

What a day this is going to be! Many of the crew are from Vancouver and most are from British Columbia….So those of you who have visited us know we have the best fishing! But will today tell the world we have the best hockey team…its game 6 of the Stanley Cup play offs and if the Canucks win against Boston we are the champion’s. It’s the talk of the camp even the guides have stopped talking fishing and everybody was up early to start work so they can finish and watch the game at 5pm….stay posted. Were just as crazy about hockey in this part of the world as we are about fishing.

It’s been eight years since I Iast set foot in the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii) and it’s like returning home. The new boats are in the water and are almost rigged with all the equipment. Somebody has to go out and test drive them and see how fishy they are and its time to get from behind my desk and drop a line….tomorrow’s the day. Its good to be home and as the new VP & General Manager I am so impressed with the remarkable crew that we have assembled. They are here to assist in any way, passionate about being at Peregrine Lodge and eager for the arrival of our guests….and a little jealous that I’m going fishing tomorrow!

Robert Penman

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